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Elegant wooden bowls and wooden bowls are the perfect gift for women, men and anyone who loves home accessories and wooden decorations. read more...

Handcrafted wooden bowls, wooden fruit bowls & wooden bowls

Everything about wooden bowls and wooden bowls. Beautiful wooden fruit bowls and wooden fruit bowls made from different woods, designs and variants.

Each piece is a great unique piece made from Austrian wood, food-safe sealed and sustainable!

In this category you will find:

  • Wooden decorative bowls, wooden decorative bowls
  • Wooden fruit bowls, wooden fruit bowls
  • Wooden plate, wooden children's plate
  • Wooden natural edge bowls
  • Wooden bowls in different sizes
  • Wooden bowls & wooden bowls in various types of wood

Choose from a variety of different types of wood or feel free to contact me if you have special requests.

Local diversity, handcrafted unique pieces

Discover my large selection of handmade wooden bowls and wooden bowls, which are made from a wide variety of local wood species - including oak, maple, beech, apple, pear, cherry and many other types of wood from Austria. Each wooden bowl is unique and reflects the natural beauty of nature and wood.

Regional wood & sustainable treasures

My wooden products come from the picturesque Wechselland in Styria and the surrounding regions.

What makes me particularly happy is that no trees are felled for my wooden products . I use wood from sustainable sources for my wooden bowls and wooden bowls - this is my contribution to sustainability.

Unique pieces made of wood: natural edge bowls with character

Each of my wooden bowls is nature's own work of art - I only have the honor of highlighting the uniqueness a little more in my workshop .

The grain and shape of each bowl is individually selected to emphasize its uniqueness. This gives you a piece of nature and you know that no two wooden bowls are the same.

For those who appreciate something special

The wooden bowls and wooden bowls from Huizbirn are ideal for your home. Whether as a decorative highlight for your home or as a gift for special occasions such as birthdays, Mother's Day or weddings - my wooden bowls are timeless treasures that come from the heart.

Unique one-of-a-kind, durable and vibrant

What makes my wooden bowls special: Each one is a unique, handmade piece made from Austrian wood.

Each wooden bowl is oiled and sealed in a food-safe manner, which ensures its longevity - so you will enjoy your unique piece for a long time.

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