Collection: Wooden wedding gifts & gift ideas

Elegant wooden wedding gifts - perfect gifts for unique occasions! read more...
Hochzeitsgeschenk aus Baumscheiben

Handmade wooden wedding gifts

In this category you will find everything about one of the most beautiful topics between two people - the wedding. But what is the best gift to give at a wedding or what is suitable as a wedding gift? That's right - a handmade unique piece with character! Each piece is unique - sustainable and with a guaranteed WOW effect!

In this category you will find wedding gifts such as:

  • Wooden vases
  • Wooden money gifts
  • Wood murals
  • Wooden picture frames as wedding gifts
  • and many other wedding gift ideas
  • Wooden natural edge bowls
  • Wooden ring pillow

Choose from a variety of different types of wood or feel free to contact me if you have special requests.