Collection: Wooden spice mills & nutmeg mills

Elegant wooden spice mills, wooden salt mills, wooden pepper mills or wooden nutmeg mills are the perfect gift for men, women and everyone who loves food! read more...
Holz Gewürzmühlen

How do I use the wooden nutmeg mill?

Wooden spice mills, salt mills, pepper mills & nutmeg mills - exclusive, unique, handmade

Refillable and with adjustable grinding level - the spice mills from Huizbirn are the ideal kitchen helper in your own four walls.

How about a practical wooden nutmeg mill, for example? Gone are the sore fingertips that you incur while laboriously grating nutmegs.

Exclusivity for pleasure lovers

Spices are the heart of every meal. The handmade wooden spice mills from Huizbirn are the perfect addition. Whether in the dining room or in the kitchen - my wooden salt and pepper mills are a must!

Stylish variety for the highest demands

Huizbirn's wooden products are manufactured with the greatest care and great attention to detail in Styria - exclusively with wood from Austria, directly from the region!

In the Huizbirn shop you will find:

  • Wooden spice mills with crank
  • Wooden spice mills with ceramic grinders
  • Wooden spice mills with adjustable grinders
  • Wooden spice mills with stainless steel grinders
  • Wooden salt mills
  • Wooden pepper mills
  • One-handed spice mills made of wood
  • Wooden nutmeg mills
  • Wooden herb grinders
  • Spice mills in different designs
  • Spice mills in many different types of wood, and much more...

Elegant design meets naturalness

Each of the handcrafted spice mills is a work of nature's own work of art. Each type of wood has its own properties - just as individual as you!

Versatile selection for every taste

I offer a large selection of different Austrian woods and different types of spice mills. There is something for every taste in the Huizbirn shop - whether rustic, antique, modern or timeless.

Perfect grinding results for demanding palates

All spice mills are equipped with the highest quality and adjustable grinders. This ensures even grinding of the spices and your satisfaction.

Would you like personalization or laser engraving on your spice mill?

The wooden spice mills from Huizbirn are unique - the only way to get even more unique is to have your own custom engraving. Therefore I offer for a small additional charge
Possibility of personalization using laser engraving. A personalized wooden spice mill is also the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations.

What are you waiting for? Enrich your dining room or kitchen with unique spice mills from the Huizbirn shop!

Seasoning with style - wooden spice mills, salt mills, pepper mills from Huizbirn

It's hard to imagine the kitchen or dining table without these kitchen accessories . Especially when it comes to eating, the right seasoning is crucial to whether the lovingly prepared dish tastes good or not.

My wooden salt mills and pepper mills ensure that you can give your dish or meal the finishing touch.

Especially with pepper or nutmeg, it is ideal if it comes freshly ground directly from the pepper mill or nutmeg mill in order to fully develop its taste. This means that the flavors come into their own much better and your dish becomes a culinary delight .

My salt mills, pepper mills, spice mills and nutmeg mills impress with their great, individual wooden designs , the use of unique and beautiful woods, careful workmanship and the use of the highest quality, adjustable grinders.

Depending on the spice mill, I use stainless steel grinders or ceramic grinders from the Cushgrind brand.

Every person has their own needs - including when it comes to seasoning. It is even more ideal if the grinding level of the spice mill can be adjusted individually.

Spice mills, salt mills & pepper mills in various designs

In the Huizbirn Shop I offer you different models of spice mills, which also differ in their handling:

One-handed salt mills & pepper mills with stainless steel movement

These spice mills can be operated manually by hand and at the push of a button and use a stainless steel grinder.

Salt mills, pepper mills, spice mills with crank

These spice mills are operated using a cranking rotary motion. These are available with either a ceramic grinder or a stainless steel grinder, where the grinding level is adjustable

Cushgrind salt mills & pepper mills

These mills consist of a mill body and a mill head and are operated by rotating the mill head. These models have Cushgrind ceramic grinders installed, where the grinding level can also be adjusted individually.

Wooden nutmeg mills

These mills are also operated using a crank. The nutmeg is placed in the opening and grated using a crank movement - these mills have a high-quality grinder from the Swiss company Strässler installed.

Looking for a unique gift for men or a unique gift for women?

Everyone knows the problem. You need a gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion and are helpless to find a unique gift.

How about a great, handmade wooden gift? Practical, sustainable and elegant?

Then you are well advised with a wooden spice mill, salt mill, pepper mill or nutmeg mill from Huizbirn .

Whether for hobby chefs, professional chefs or people who simply enjoy seasoning. My spice mills , salt mills, pepper mills & nutmeg mills are the perfect gift - as are my mill sets.

What speaks for Huizbirn?

  • Great selection of spice mills, pepper mills, salt mills and nutmeg mills. Pepper and spice mills made from the finest local wood
  • Different designs, high-quality grinders and different drive types
  • Lovingly handcrafted

What are you waiting for? My spice mills are available immediately and delivered to your home within a few days.

Choose from my large range of wooden spice mills, salt mills, pepper mills or nutmeg mills, pay conveniently using one of the different payment methods and have your new mill set delivered to your home quickly and conveniently!