Collection: Other wooden jewelry & fashion accessories made of wood

Elegant fashion accessories made of wood and other wooden jewelry are the perfect gift for men and women, suitable for every occasion! read more...
Holzfliegen & Holz Manschettenknöpfe

Fashion accessories made of wood, wooden cufflinks, wooden sunglasses & other wooden jewelry

In this category you will find everything else you need about wooden jewelry and wooden accessories.

In this category you will find:

  • Handcrafted wooden cuff heads in many variations and types of wood
  • Stylish wooden bow ties made from different woods and designs
  • Practical wooden keychains
  • High-quality wooden sunglasses in different woods, designs and variants.

Each piece is a great unique piece of wood!

Stylish fashion accessories made of wood for the discerning

Handcrafted unique pieces that set the perfect accent for your individual style. These wooden accessories are made from local wood and combine fashion and nature.

Unique little works of art made from local wood

My wooden fashion accessories include, among other things, elegant handmade cufflinks, stylish wooden bow ties, leather belts with wooden buckles, wooden key chains or wooden sunglasses.

Each of these wooden accessories is unique - characterized by the unique grain of the wood and handmade with attention to detail.

Stylish statement for men and women

Whether for formal celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries or for your casual look and everyday life - my wooden fashion accessories always fit. No matter whether for women or men. They give your outfit a touch of nature and elegance - sustainable & regional!

Sustainable & regional fashion accessories made of wood

Sustainability and regionality are important to me - that's why no trees are felled for my wooden products! This is my small contribution to sustainability. I only use local wood from Austria for my products. My accessories are not just geared towards sustainability - they should also be extremely comfortable to wear and look damn good at the same time!

Discover the beauty of my unique wooden pieces.

Each of my wooden fashion accessories tells its own story and embodies the art of craftsmanship and the love of nature.