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Geschenke aus Holz von Huizbirn

Wooden gifts for men & women - unique treasures for special occasions

In the Huizbirn online shop you will find the best gifts made of wood - the natural beauty and sustainability of wood meets the art of giving. My handmade wooden gifts are perfect for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions.

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Edle Holzgeschenke für Männer

Gifts for men made of wood - nature, craftsmanship & passion

Finding the right gift for a man is not that easy. When it comes to giving gifts to men, my wooden products are certainly the best choice.

From fine writing instruments to turned wooden bottle openers or wooden bottle caps - my gifts for men combine functionality and style in a unique way.

Holzvase aus Birkenholz

Gifts for women - beauty & elegance in every detail

Gifts for women - a big challenge for many men. But my gifts for women can help. From handmade wooden jewelry to artistic wooden vases, wooden pictures, door wreaths, decorative wreaths or wooden kitchen accessories - these gifts underline the beauty of nature, are sustainable and equally underline the appreciation of women.

Holzbild mit Baumscheiben

Wedding gifts that will win hearts

Are you looking for a meaningful wedding gift? My wooden gifts are the best choice!

From wooden pictures to personalized wood engravings, wooden bowls, fine writing instruments, stylish spice mills etc... - my selection of wooden wedding gifts is diverse. There is a suitable wedding gift for everyone here!

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Holzgeschenkset für Männer

Discover the world of fine gifts & gift ideas

Dive into my diverse selection of wooden gifts and find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

For me it's all about the love of wood as a raw material, quality, the beauty of nature - and last but not least: my satisfied customers. Don't just buy any gift - give a handmade, unique item. My wooden gifts are timeless, unique pieces that you will enjoy for a long time.

Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with a special wooden gift!

Holz Flaschenverschluss mit Korkenzieher aus Eschenholz

The beauty of nature in every piece

My wooden gifts are not just gifts - they are unique, handmade and sustainable. The natural, atmospheric grain, the warm colors and the unique feel of the wood are the best way for you to show the greatest appreciation. Every wooden gift has and tells its own story.

Holzkugelschreiber mit Gravur

Personalized, elegant writing instruments made of wood

Do you want a really individual, unique gift? Then you've come to the right place in my shop - let yourself be inspired by my large selection and find the right, personalized wooden gift with me.

Whether engraved names, special dates or warm messages - I use laser engraving to make your gift unique. My personalized gifts are a lasting reminder of love and appreciation.

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Holz Ringkissen mit Gravur

Personalized custom-made products with a personal touch

Do you want a really individual, unique gift? Then you've come to the right place - let yourself be inspired by my large selection and find the right, personalized wooden gift for every occasion!

Whether engraved names, special dates or heartfelt messages - I use laser engraving to make your gift absolutely unique. My personalized gifts are a lasting reminder of love and appreciation.

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Welcome to the Huizbirn online shop - everything about “gifts made of wood”

Welcome to my online shop for wooden writing instruments, wooden spice mills, wooden salt mills, wooden pepper mills, wooden wall clocks, wooden decorations, wooden products and many other wooden gift ideas! I am proud to use regional and sustainable wood from the surrounding area or Austria to create unique and high-quality products such as:

My products are lovingly and carefully made by hand - because only the best is good enough for you! Each piece is a unique piece from Styria and if you are looking for a special wooden gift or a noble wooden gift for someone, you have come to the right place in my online shop.

My range includes a wide range of wooden gift items and wooden gifts, from wooden writing instruments , wooden fountain pens and wooden ballpoint pens to wooden bottle openers , wooden bottle caps or unique wooden decorations , wooden fruit bowls or wooden jewelry. Would you like your new favorite piece or gift personalized or engraved? No problem!

See for yourself and browse through my range. Convince yourself of the natural beauty of wooden products and wooden gifts that will delight everyone!

Handmade gifts made of wood - regional & sustainable

Discover beautiful, handmade unique pieces made of wood - whether as a gift for yourself or for your loved ones.

Wooden letter openers & writing instruments - great wooden gifts!

There is hardly anything more elegant than a writing instrument made of wood - even better if it was made regionally and sustainably in the heart of Europe.

Whether it's a wooden ballpoint pen, wood, twist ballpoint pen, wooden click ballpoint pen, wooden roller pen, exclusive wooden fountain pens or other noble wooden pens.

Everyone will find what they are looking for in the Huizbirn online shop. Ideal for everyday use: the matching wooden letter opener made from your favorite wood.

This makes daily writing and office work your new favorite activity!

And the best thing: you can also have your new writing instrument personalized using laser engraving!

Wooden jewelry for men and women

It's no longer a secret that women can be inspired by beautiful jewelry.

It's even easier with wooden jewelry and wooden gifts from Huizbirn.

Wooden earrings, wooden bangle, wooden necklace or wooden bracelet - each piece is absolutely unique.

But the men's world also has something to offer in my online shop.

For example, wooden cufflinks or wooden bow ties, which suit every occasion and are an absolute eye-catcher for every outfit.

Wooden wall clocks

For everyone, their own four walls are a very special place.

Of course, you furnish your home the way you like it best.

Are you looking for an absolute eye-catcher for your home? This is very easy with a wooden wall clock from Huizbirn. In the Huizbirn online shop you will find a wide variety of models of wooden wall clocks and tree disc clocks made from a wide variety of types of wood.

I can promise you one thing: no two wooden wall clocks are the same and each piece is absolutely unique!

What are you waiting for? Get a wooden wall clock from Styria!

Wooden pictures & wooden decorations

Many people like to decorate at home depending on the season or occasion.

The wooden pictures from Huizbirn are ideal for this.

No matter what season - there is something for everyone. The wooden decorations and wooden pictures are made from regional woods and natural materials and bring life to every room.

A little tip: The wooden pictures are also ideal as a small gift or souvenir.

Wooden spice mills, wooden salt mills & pepper mills made of wood, bottle stoppers, wooden bottle openers & kitchen accessories made of wood

Anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen prefers to work with high-quality kitchen helpers. We also like our food to be of high quality.

Nothing is easier than that - because in my shop at you can get the highest quality wooden gifts, such as wooden spice mills with different grinders, wooden bottle caps, wooden bottle openers and various kitchen accessories made of wood such as pizza cutters with wooden handles, wooden cheese knives and much more.

Whether for yourself or as a gift - this is sure to bring joy. If desired, we can of course also personalize it using laser engraving - the joy is even greater!

Wooden bowls, wooden keys, wooden decorative bowls & fruit bowls

Who doesn't know it - everyone likes to have a usual place to store their keys or change. Then why not decorate it stylishly?

No problem at all with the wooden bowls and wooden bowls from my shop on Of course, my wooden bowls can also easily be used as fruit bowls or fruit bowls.

Each wooden bowl is handcrafted by me and sealed food-safe. Therefore harmless and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Whether mini wooden bowls, large wooden bowls or natural edge bowls - everyone will find what they are looking for in the Huizbirn shop!

Wooden vases

If you love flowers, you also need the appropriate vase that showcases the flowers.

Do you prefer dried flowers? No problem either. The wooden vase as a decorative object? That is also possible.

The wooden vases from my shop are as versatile as they are unique.

Each piece is absolutely unique in shape and grain.

All of my wooden vases come with a plastic glass insert, which means you can easily use the wooden vases for cut flowers.

All of my wooden vases are made by hand and sealed food-safe, so that you can enjoy your unique piece for a long time!

Personalization with laser engraving

If you wish, you can have all of my wooden products personalized by me using a laser.

Make your wooden gift even more individual and unique - I will be happy to engrave your desired message or personalize your purchased wooden gift from!

Handmade decorative wreaths & door wreaths

Decoration is an issue for everyone. The best thing to do is to redecorate regularly - at least for certain occasions such as spring, summer, autumn, winter or primarily at Christmas or Easter.

Of course, decorative wreaths and door wreaths are ideal for this - especially if they are handmade from natural materials.

The door wreaths from Huizbirn are an absolute eye-catcher - decorating has never been so easy. Simply hang the door wreath or decorative wreath on the wall - done.

The various themed decorative and door wreaths from my shop are unique and will brighten up any home.

Each piece is absolutely unique and one of a kind.