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FAQ Wooden wall clocks & tree disc clocks

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Where does the wood for the wooden clocks come from?

The wood for my wooden clocks and tree slice clocks comes directly from the region and is processed by myself.

How is a wooden watch made?

  • Plane mill or face turn the wooden surface
  • Mill an opening for the clockwork on the back
  • Finely sand the wooden surface, apply food-safe oil and polish
  • Install quartz movement

Is the wood of the wall clocks dry or can cracks form?

In general, the wood for my wooden clocks and tree disc clocks is air-dried for at least 1 year. I only process dry tree slices.

Larger cracks should not occur, but can occur due to different room humidity levels.

If unsightly or annoying cracks form after a short time, please contact me using the contact form , email or telephone.

Which movement is installed in the watches?

In my wooden clocks and tree disc clocks I only use high-quality quartz clock movements, for example from Junghans. All my movements are battery operated, reliable and whisper quiet.

Can the movement be replaced?

The clockwork built into the clock can be exchanged for any clockwork with the same hand wavelength.

Are made-to-measure or custom-made products possible?

I have a lot of different tree slices in stock in different sizes and types of wood.

If you are interested in a specific watch that is not currently in the online shop or you are looking for a wooden watch made from a specific type of wood, you can contact me using the contact form .

What is included?


  • Wooden wall clock
  • Quartz movement (without batteries)
  • Pointer & knurled nut for assembly, safely packaged
  • Wall hanging
  • Pointer assembly instructions

Handcrafted wooden wall clocks & tree slice clocks

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Each piece is unique - with great attention to detail

Lovingly crafted, unique wall clocks made of wood & tree disc clocks from Austria

Welcome to my Huizbirn online shop!

With me you are guaranteed to find the most beautiful selection of handmade wooden wall clocks and wooden tree disc clocks from Austria.

My handmade wooden wall clocks are not only practical for telling the time, but each piece is like a small work of art that brings the beauty and warmth of Austrian wood into your home.

Whether living room, dining area, kitchen or children's room. My wooden wall clocks are an eye-catcher everywhere and bring a natural atmosphere into every room!

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Apple wood clock

Unique pieces from Austria’s nature for your home

My wooden clocks and tree disc clocks are handmade unique pieces. Each model is a unique piece made from carefully selected and sustainably sourced local woods. No trees are felled for my wooden products!

From elegant wooden wall clocks to rustic tree slice wall clocks with or without bark - Huizbirn's online shop offers a wide range of different types of wood, designs, shades and shapes that fit perfectly into your living room.

Each wall clock tells its own story from a long tree life in the forest, garden or meadow and is an expression of my passion for nature.

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Wooden wall clocks in many colors and shapes

Discover my selection of wonderful wooden wall clocks & tree disc clocks

I am proud to offer my customers a large selection of wooden wall clocks so that they can choose their new favorite model for their home from a wide variety of types of wood and have it conveniently delivered to their home .

In addition, I am of course also available to answer your individual requirements and special requests - either by email, telephone or via the contact form .

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Unique piece made of walnut wood

Craftsmanship, passion, regionality & sustainability

My wooden wall clocks are made in my workshop with a lot of experience, passion and care.

I only use sustainably sourced wood directly from the Wechselland region and the surrounding area - this is important to me and my personal contribution to sustainability.

I also only use and install high-quality quartz clock movements from well-known manufacturers, such as branded Junghans clock movements.

Your satisfaction is of particular importance to me - and also that you enjoy your wooden wall clock from Huizbirn for as long as possible!

Each of my handmade wooden or tree slice clocks is a testimony to my love for nature and wood - paired with timeless elegance.

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Alder wood clock

Bring the beauty of nature into your home

With my wooden wall clocks and tree disc clocks you can bring the natural beauty of Austria directly into your home.

Each wooden wall clock is a unique eye-catcher that reflects the beauty and diversity of the Austrian Alps and forests.

Perfect for giving your living space a warm, cozy, natural atmosphere.

Discover the timeless elegance of Huizbirn 's wooden products and find the perfect wooden wall clock to complement your personal style and your home!