Collection: Wooden decorations, wooden vases & wooden pictures

Elegant wooden decorations, unique wooden vases & stylish wooden pictures - the perfect gift for women, ladies and lovers of wooden decorations! read more...
Holz Vasen

Handmade wooden decorations, wooden vases & wooden pictures

In this product category you will find everything you need to decorate your home or as a gift for a loved one:

  • Unique wooden vases for cut flowers with glass inserts, wooden vases for dried flowers & turned vases in different types of wood
  • Handmade wooden pictures, motif pictures, money gifts, themed wooden pictures, wedding gifts made of wood and much more... in different sizes and designs
  • Beautiful, unique, handmade door wreaths & decorative wreaths
  • Wooden garden decoration, garden decoration, wooden garden stakes with different motifs, wooden figures, wooden Easter bunnies, wooden Christmas trees and other wooden figures
  • Wooden wine stand, wooden photo holder
Holzvase auf Apfelholz

Every piece is unique

Turned wooden vases

I turn wooden vases in different sizes, shapes and types of wood. You can use them for cut flowers, dried flowers or simply as wooden decorations.

All wooden vases are:

  • turned by hand
  • Food-safe sealed
  • made from local wood
  • Supplied with plastic glass insert
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Holzbild "Traumpaar"

Perfect as a money gift and decoration

Wooden pictures

We offer a large selection of different wooden pictures with different mottos and a wide variety of designs.

They are perfect as a wooden decoration for your home, a small souvenir, a wedding gift or a gift of money.

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Türkranz aus Jeansstoff

Nice decoration for the entrance area

Door wreaths for every moment

In my online shop you will find a great selection of door wreaths and decorative wreaths for all year round and every season.

All door wreaths are made by hand from natural or recycled materials. Whether spring wreaths, Easter wreaths, summer wreaths, autumn wreaths or Christmas wreaths - each piece is unique!

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Gifts for that special moment

Handmade wedding gifts & ring pillows

Wedding gifts always present a special challenge. Show your appreciation with a special, unique item.

In my shop you will also find a great selection of unique ring cushions, lovingly handcrafted from wood and natural materials.

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Decorate all year round

Wooden decorations for every occasion

If you like decorating, you've come to the right place.

Browse through my large selection of wooden decorations & wooden figures, Easter decorations or Christmas decorations.

Each piece is a handmade unique piece from Austria.

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