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Elegant wooden bracelets, wooden bangles and wooden bracelets are the perfect gift for women and ladies - suitable for every occasion! read more...
Armreif aus Holz

Unique wooden bracelets, wooden bracelets, wooden bangles for women & women's wooden jewelry

In the category wooden bracelets, wooden bracelets and wooden bangles you will find everything about bracelets for women.

Beautiful wooden bangles & wooden bracelets in different woods and designs. Each piece is a great unique piece made from Austrian wood!

In this category you will find:

  • Wooden bangles, wooden bracelets, wooden bracelets
  • Wooden bangles made of nickel-free metal with wood appliqué
  • Wooden bracelets made of leather with wood applications
  • Wooden bracelets made of nickel-free metal with wood appliqué

Choose from a variety of different types of wood or contact me if you have special requests.

In the category for wooden bracelets, wooden bracelets and wooden bangles you will discover a large selection of handmade unique pieces made from local wood.

I only use local woods such as oak, ash, larch, pine, maple , beech, as well as rarer types of wood such as yew, lilac and laburnum.

Unique wooden works of art

Each of my wooden bracelets, wooden bracelets and wooden bangles is absolutely unique. Nature ensures that the wood has a unique grain - I then try to carefully and lovingly handcraft the corresponding piece into wooden jewelry. My range of wooden hand and arm jewelery includes different designs, colours, types of wood and different types of fasteners - ideal to perfectly complement your individual style and occasion.

For style-conscious women - women's bracelets made from local wood

My wooden bracelets, wooden bracelets and wooden bangles are especially for women who like things to be unique and yet sustainable. My wooden jewelry is perfect as a gift for women - whether for yourself or for your loved ones. Whether for everyday life or special occasions such as weddings or as a stylish traditional costume accessory - my collection offers the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion.

Local wood, sustainability & pure regionality

Sustainability and regionality are particularly important to me. That's why I only use local wood from Austria - often directly from the Wechselland region. No tree is felled for any of my wooden products - this is my own contribution to sustainability! My bracelets are made from nickel-free materials to ensure maximum comfort and skin compatibility.

Immerse yourself in the large selection of women's wooden jewelry and discover the beauty and uniqueness of wooden jewelry. Each piece tells its own story!