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Wooden safety razor with oak wooden handle, handmade and unique

Wooden safety razor with oak wooden handle, handmade and unique

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Exclusive safety razor made of stainless steel with a wooden handle made of Austrian oak - craftsmanship for the highest demands!

This wooden handle safety razor redefines your shave. Sustainably, regionally and manufactured with the greatest care, your shave will be easy and quick!


  • Wood type: Austrian oak
  • Metal: stainless steel, elegant chrome-plated
  • Length: approx. 10.5
  • Safety razor can be used with standard plane blades, easy to change
  • Delivery includes 1 razor blade

High-quality materials

    • All metal elements of the safety razor are made of chrome-plated stainless steel
    • Wooden handle of the safety razor made of fine oak wood from Austria
    • Fits well in the hand, great wood feel
    • Surface turned, finely ground, oiled several times, polished to ensure long-term protection of the surface

    Handcrafted precision

      • Each safety razor is elaborately handcrafted in Austria
      • Austrian oak - durable hardwood
      • Unique and attractive appearance

      Versatile application

        • Safety razor compatible with standard razor blades - save money and protect the environment!
        • Easy blade replacement
        • Compact size: 10.5cm
        • Pleasant wood feel

        The advantages of these safety razors

        • Save money sustainably: Use long-lasting, commercially available blades and reduce your ecological footprint.
        • Gentle on the skin: The precise blade geometry protects the skin and minimizes skin irritation
        • Longevity: The high-quality workmanship ensures a long service life, which means you will enjoy your safety razor for a long time

        Unique gift idea for men

        This handmade safety razor with wooden handle is a great gift for special men - unique & beautiful! This noble gift is the best way to show your appreciation.

        Treat yourself or a special person in your life to an exclusive gift that perfectly combines sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and environmental awareness!

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