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Wooden wall clock Atlas cedar 31x26 cm handmade

Wooden wall clock Atlas cedar 31x26 cm handmade

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Unique wooden wall clock made of atlas cedar

This wooden wall clock made of fragrant Atlas cedar wood will enchant you. With its size of 31x26 cm, it is an absolute eye-catcher in the house and apartment.

Product details:

  • Type of wood: Unique atlas cedar wood with impressive grain, directly from Austria - cedar wood is known for its aromatic smell, which is said to have a calming effect and which repels moths.
  • Size: 31x26 cm - ideal eye-catcher in any room
  • Movement: Whisper-quiet and high-quality Junghans quartz movement ensures precise and silent timekeeping
  • Wood surface: Finely sanded & oiled

Lovingly handcrafted from Austria

Each of my wooden wall clocks is handmade by me with great attention to detail. Finally, the wooden surface is finely sanded and oiled to be food-safe. This ensures that the beauty of the wood is preserved and that you can enjoy your wooden wall clock for a long time.

Rare & unique wood for your home

Atlas cedar wood is considered very sought after due to its versatile properties and has led to the cedar being ruthlessly cut down in North Africa and Lebanon.

But cedar wood is also known for its beautiful, attractive grain and pleasant smell. This great home accessory creates a pleasant, natural atmosphere in your home.

Sustainability & regionality

Of course, no cedar was felled specifically for this wooden wall clock. Unfortunately, the Atlas cedar had to be felled due to renovation work.

No trees are felled to make my wooden products and wall clocks and the wood comes directly from the region - without long transport routes. It couldn't be more sustainable.

This wooden wall clock is the ideal home accessory for your home and a wonderful gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Mother's and Father's Day.

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