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Wooden fountain pen recycled mahogany magnetic cap handmade customizable

Wooden fountain pen recycled mahogany magnetic cap handmade customizable

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Unique wooden fountain pen made from recycled mahogany with a magnetic cap

Do you want something unique for your daily writing work? Then you are well advised with this wooden fountain pen made from recycled mahogany wood. Not only does it look elegant, but it also sits comfortably in the hand thanks to the wood feel.

Why this wooden fountain pen is so special:

  • High-quality recycled mahogany: This wood should actually have been disposed of - but because of its interesting color, I wanted to give this wood a second life and made an elegant fountain pen out of it.
  • Practical magnetic cap: This fountain pen kit has a practical magnetic cap. This means your writing instrument is quickly ready and ready for use.
  • High-quality handcraft: Each wooden fountain pen is made by hand by me, carefully processed and finally oiled in a food-safe manner. This means your wood filler sits comfortably in your hand and is protected in the long term.
  • High-quality kit: I only use high-quality kits with an attractive design - as in this case in elegant gun metallic, which harmonizes perfectly with the color of the wood.
  • Ideal size: With a length of approx. 14 cm, the fountain pen sits comfortably in the hand.
  • Includes handmade fabric bag: We deliver your fountain pen in a lovingly handmade fabric bag, also perfect as gift packaging.

Why this wooden fountain pen is an ideal gift:

This handmade wooden fountain pen is absolutely unique. Each piece is characterized by its individual grain - depending on the growth of the wood or tree. Thanks to the wood, my writing instruments have a pleasant wooden feel and fit well in the hand. If you want to give a special and unique gift, this wooden filler is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day or many other occasions.

Personalization/engraving? No problem!

Would you like to make your wooden fountain pen even more personal? We offer the option of personalizing the fountain pen using laser engraving. Immortalize your name, a personal message or an important date on this stylish writing instrument and make it an unforgettable gift.

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