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Wooden fountain pen pine unique gift handmade customizable

Wooden fountain pen pine unique gift handmade customizable

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Handcrafted, elegant wooden filler made from Austrian pine wood

A truly unique piece and a unique gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or other occasion.

  • Type of wood: pine
  • Surface finely ground, food-safe oiled & sealed
  • Kit color: chrome-plated
  • Delivered in a handmade fabric bag
  • Length approx. 14 cm

The surface sealing ensures lasting protection. The high-quality kit is elegantly chrome-plated. This fountain pen is uniquely handcrafted and each fountain pen is absolutely unique and an ideal gift.

PS: All of my wooden writing instruments, wooden letter openers, wooden beer openers, etc... can easily be personalized using laser engraving.

Practical screw cap: Our wooden fountain pen has a practical, chrome-plated screw cap, which not only underlines the elegant impression, but also ensures safe storage.

High-quality kit, chrome-plated: The fountain pen kit is elegantly chrome-plated and gives the writing instrument a stylish touch.

Commercially available ink cartridges: With this elegant fountain pen you can easily use commercially available ink cartridges, which makes care and refilling uncomplicated.

Wood type: pine: The fountain pen body is made of fine pine wood, which is known for its natural beauty and pleasant scent.

Surface finely ground, food-safe oiled & sealed: Each wood filler is made by hand and has a finely ground surface that is food-safe oiled and sealed. This ensures long-term protection and you will enjoy your elegant writing instrument for a long time.

Delivered in a handmade fabric bag: Your wooden filler will arrive in a handmade fabric bag - perfect for storage or ready to give as a gift!

Length approx. 14 cm: With a length of approx. 14 cm, the fountain pen sits comfortably in the hand and is ideal for relaxed writing.

This handcrafted wooden fountain pen made from pine wood is not only an elegant writing instrument, but also a work of art of nature. Each wooden fountain pen is absolutely unique, made with great attention to detail and is perfect as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or other occasions.

All of our wooden writing instruments, including wooden letter openers and wooden beer openers, can be easily personalized using laser engraving. Add your personal touch and make each piece special."

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