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Hand-painted, creative gift cards & greeting cards for birthdays, weddings or other occasions - the perfect addition to any gift! read more...
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Handmade & hand-painted gift cards, greeting cards, birthday cards etc. for every occasion!

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Whether it's Christmas, a birthday or another special occasion - our handmade gift cards and greeting cards are much more than ordinary greeting cards.

Each of our occasion-related gift cards has been carefully handcrafted or hand-painted to add a personal touch to your greetings - each piece is unique.

Versatile & for every occasion

There are greeting and gift cards for almost every occasion. These include important occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, births, Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries and many more.

Every gift type was designed and implemented by us - without a printer, purely by hand. This is how attention to detail, care and originality really come into their own!

Handmade greeting cards - added value for your gifts

Our handmade gift cards and greeting cards are not just there to be described. They enhance your actual gift and show even more appreciation. With an occasion-related gift card, you can send a personal message to the recipient and express your love even more.

With one of our handmade cards you show that you took the time to create something special - a gesture that will be remembered.

The perfect complement to handcrafted wooden products

A harmonious symbiosis

Our handmade gift cards fit perfectly with our handmade wooden products , which are also available in my online shop. From kitchen utensils, writing instruments , wooden jewelry to wall clocks and wooden decoration - these products fit perfectly with the handmade gift types to give your gifts a unique touch.

The magic of handicrafts - unique pieces for unique moments

Find your favorite piece in the diverse selection of my handmade gift cards and greeting cards. The occasion-related greeting cards and my wooden products together make the perfect gift!

Handmade gift cards are the best way to express your emotions - especially to the people who are particularly important to you. Each gift type has been handcrafted with love and care to ensure it is unique.

The large selection in my shop means you have the opportunity to find the perfect gift card for every occasion. From festive Christmas cards, creative greeting cards to heartfelt birthday cards - the right card for every occasion.

What are you waiting for? Get the perfect wooden birthday present and the matching birthday card now - delivered easily and conveniently to your home!