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Wooden beer bottle cap Bierhuterl handmade

Wooden beer bottle cap Bierhuterl handmade

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With these funny ones Styrian beer hats As a bottle stopper/bottle lid you are well prepared for next summer.

Insects are often a torment in summer. If a wasp gets into your beloved drink, it can sometimes be quite dangerous.

This has come to an end with the Styrian beer hats. Just the bottle Bottle cap Put it out of wood and you're done. Already you are Drink protected.

Type of wood: random, but exclusive local woods
Surface: finely ground and oiled
Size: Height approx. 5 cm, fits everyone common bottle

When you order, you will receive a randomly chosen beer hat made of any wood and in a randomly chosen shape - you are welcome to specify any special requests regarding the type of wood or shape when ordering.

A beer hat is also ideal Gift , such as Father's Day, birthday, Christmas, etc...

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