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Wooden beer opener bottle opener larch bottle opener handmade

Wooden beer opener bottle opener larch bottle opener handmade

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How easy and stylish is it to open beer? Very simple - with this beautiful, handcrafted bottle opener Austrian larch wood . The ideal companion for every beer lover.
Lovingly from Hand made - a suitable gift for every occasion!

This unique beer opener is rounded off by an elegant chrome-plated kit - high-quality workmanship for a long service life and extensive use.

  • Type of wood: Austrian larch wood
  • Length approx.: 15 cm
  • Kit color: chrome plated
  • Surface: finely ground and Food-safe sealed

A great Gift for anyone who enjoys a unique piece of wood or needs a bottle opener or beer opener. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, Christmas or any other occasion.

Interesting facts about larch wood:

Larch wood is considered one of the hardest Softwoods and has many special properties and areas of application. Due to its durability and natural resistance, larch wood can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to rot or insect infestation and is weatherproof thanks to its high resin content. When freshly cut, larch wood has an attractive grain in a wide variety of warm colors, such as yellow, reddish to reddish-brown. However, outdoors, larch wood turns gray after a certain time and forms a silver-gray patina.

Larch wood is used, among other things, for exterior cladding, terraces, garden furniture, fences, windows and doors, but is also used for floors and furniture.

In summary, larch wood is a popular wood for indoor and outdoor use due to its durability, weather resistance, beauty and versatile uses. It is a sustainable choice that brings a natural and rustic aesthetic to any project.

The larch is the only European conifer that sheds its golden needles in late autumn and then sprouts again in spring. Larch trees can live up to 500 years and grow to a height of 50 meters.

PS: All of my wooden writing instruments, wooden letter openers, wooden beer openers, etc... can easily be personalized using laser engraving.

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