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Wooden fountain pen made of walnut with screw cap, customizable

Wooden fountain pen made of walnut with screw cap, customizable

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Noble wooden fountain pen made from Austrian walnut

This handcrafted walnut wooden fountain pen represents elegance, uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Turned from the finest Austrian walnut wood, this wood filler is an Austrian one-of-a-kind - highest quality, sustainable and unique.

Wood type: walnut
Ink: can be used with standard ink cartridges or converters
Kit: top quality, chrome plated
Closure: screw cap
Length: Approx. 13 cm
Delivery: Includes handmade fabric bag and ink converter

The surface of this wooden fountain pen was turned, sanded, food-safe oiled and polished. This ensures the highest quality and durability and you will enjoy your writing instrument for a long time.

This wood filler not only impresses with its unique wood feel, but is also a first-class companion in everyday life. It is also ideal as a gift for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, anniversaries and much more...

Why you should buy this wood filler:

Practical screw cap: The wooden fountain pen has a practical screw cap to safely store your writing instrument.Screw cap

High-quality kit, chrome-plated: The wooden fountain pen kit has been elegantly chrome-plated and gives the writing instrument a stylish touch.

Commercially available ink cartridges: With this elegant wooden fountain pen you can easily use commercially available ink cartridges or a practical ink converter.

Wood type walnut: The cap and main part are turned from beautiful Austrian sapwood walnut.

Personalization with laser engraving: Turn your wooden fountain pen into your personal writing instrument by having it personalized using laser engraving. Add a name, message or date for a gift for your loved ones that will touch hearts.

Discover the unique beauty of this walnut wood filler - an exclusive gift that will delight and leave a lasting impression!

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