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Ash wooden fountain pen handmade unique gift customizable

Ash wooden fountain pen handmade unique gift customizable

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Wooden fountain pen made from Austrian ash wood

  • Material: Ash wood from Austria
  • Kit color: gunmetallic, with screw cap
  • Surface: finely ground & oiled, food-safe sealed so that you can enjoy your writing instrument for the long term
  • Delivery including gift box

Discover the elegance of handicrafts: our wooden fountain pen made of ash wood

Elegance meets uniqueness - our handmade wooden fountain pens made from ash wood are beautiful unique pieces. This fountain pen is much more than a writing instrument; It is a great unique piece that was turned by hand with special and loving care

A truly unique piece made of ash wood

Each of my wooden fountain pens and wooden fillers is an absolutely unique piece. The Austrian ash wood from which it is made gives each pen an individual grain. Great attention to detail and extreme care ensures that each wooden fountain pen fits perfectly in the hand and offers first-class writing pleasure.

Personalization with laser engraving

Turn your wooden fountain pen into your very own writing instrument. Using the laser engraving option, you can have your name, a special message or a significant date engraved on your wooden fountain pen or wooden fountain pen. This makes this writing instrument a unique gift or a personal statement.

The ideal gift for men

Our handmade wooden fountain pen is not only a great writing instrument, but also a statement of style and elegance. It is perfect as a gift for men, be it for a birthday, anniversary or as a token of recognition. This elegant writing instrument is a gift idea that impresses and creates lasting memories.

Long-lasting food-safe seal

The combination of ash wood and the gun metallic color kit gives this fountain pen a unique character. The wood has been sealed in a food-safe manner to ensure durability and ease of care. With every line you write, you feel the pleasant feel and weight of this wooden writing instrument.

Wood filler for special moments

Our wooden fountain pen made of ash wood is not only a writing instrument, but also a companion for special moments in life. Whether you use it for personal notes, letters, or creative writing projects, this fountain pen will add a unique touch to your words.

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