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Wooden wall clock made of walnut 32 x 25 cm unique handmade

Wooden wall clock made of walnut 32 x 25 cm unique handmade

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Beautifully grained wooden wall clock made of walnut wood.

  • Diameter: 32x25 cm
  • Surface: finely ground & food-safe oiled
  • Movement: battery operated, quartz
  • Box contents: wall clock, movement, hands, accessories for assembly

It is a handmade unique piece. Made in Austria with wood from Austria. The wood comes from a Styrian walnut

Useful information:
Walnut trees can live between 100 and 150 years. Their distinctive leaves and smooth bark usually make them easy to distinguish from other trees. The tasty nuts are often "carried away" by animals and as a result walnut trees often grow "wild" on embankments or forest edges.

Walnut wood is versatile and is used, among other things, for furniture, decorative veneers or parquet.

Bring a piece of nature into your home!

PS: Wood is a natural product, slight deviations in shape, color or grain or cracks are reserved and are not grounds for complaint!

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