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Wooden vase oak 19 cm handmade

Wooden vase oak 19 cm handmade

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Wooden vase with plastic glass insert Styrian oak wood . This beautiful vase can be used for both cut flowers and dried flowers.

  • Height approx.: 18 cm
  • Surface: finely ground, food-safe oiled
  • Includes plastic glass insert

This great unique piece was handmade and oiled in a food-safe manner. A beautiful wooden decoration for your home or a nice gift idea.

Discover the timeless beauty of the wooden vase made of oak with a height of 18 cm. This handcrafted vase combines exquisite craftsmanship with the natural elegance of oak.

The oak wood is characterized by its light, warm color and distinctive grain, which gives any room a natural and attractive touch. Each vase is unique as the wood has individual nuances and textures that make it a unique work of art.

At 19cm high, this vase is perfectly sized to serve as a focal point on a table, dresser or shelf. It is ideal for presenting fresh flower bouquets, dried flower arrangements or as an independent decorative element.

Thanks to the craftsmanship, the wooden vase is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also of high quality.

Beautify your home with the timeless elegance of the oak wooden vase.

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