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Wooden hazelnut vase 18 cm handmade

Wooden hazelnut vase 18 cm handmade

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Turned wooden vase made of hazelnut - handcrafted elegance for your home

Are you looking for a vase that brings natural elegance and style to your home? Then this turned wooden vase made of hazelnut wood is the right choice.


  • Type of wood: Austrian hazelnut wood
  • Height: approx. 18 cm
  • Surface: turned, finely ground, food-safe oiled
  • Included: plastic glass insert

Natural beauty in every detail

  • Material: light hazelnut wood from Austria
  • Workmanship: Carefully turned and finely sanded to highlight the natural beauty of the wood
  • Surface treatment: Food-safe oiled

Versatile & stylish: With the practical plastic glass insert, this wooden vase is perfect for fresh cut flowers and dried flower arrangements. It goes wonderfully with any interior style and embodies sustainable beauty.

A gift that touches hearts: This wooden vase is a very special gift. You're not just giving away a vase or any decorative element, you're showing your appreciation for nature and craftsmanship.

Easy care, long-lasting beauty: caring for this wooden vase is incredibly easy. Wiping with a slightly damp or dry cloth is enough to preserve their beauty and naturalness. The food-safe oiled wooden surface ensures that you will enjoy your vase for a long time.

Discover my unique, turned wooden vases and get a special eye-catcher for your home. Each piece is unique and represents natural beauty.

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