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Door wreath decorative wreath ⌀21 cm "Welcome" handmade

Door wreath decorative wreath ⌀21 cm "Welcome" handmade

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This beautiful one Door wreath was out most diverse Natural materials with lots of love from hand manufactured and fits every front door. The various elements are combined with a metal ring and lettering.

  • Diameter: approx. 21 cm
  • Color of metal ring & lettering: black, matt
  • Materials used: various dried flowers (e.g. roses, yarrow, coneflower, reeds)

The handmade Door wreath consists, among other things, of a variety of Natural materials ( dried flowers & flowers)

This door wreath is perfect for those who value a beautiful and natural grade place in your own home. The door wreath can be attached to the front door, but also to a wall in the house and is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention.

Because this one handmade Door wreath Made from natural materials, it is a absolute unique piece . This is precisely what gives this wreath its individual charm.

The door wreath is also perfect as a Gift for friends and family who appreciate the beauty of nature and value handcraft.
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